Apartments for rent in Piazza aurora

Piazza Aurora is located in the central area of ​​Jesolo, directly in via Bafile, the shopping street and main street of Jesolo. The area is perfectly served by the main services, obviously there are numerous bars where you can enjoy a sandwich or drink a coffee, clubs and restaurants where you can eat something with friends or spend the evening.
The area is quiet during the day but active in the evening, therefore suitable both for those who love to have fun and for families looking for some tranquility.
During the summer, numerous events and shows are held, many of which are held directly in the arena inside the square.
Also in this case, Adriatica Immobiliare offers numerous Piazza Aurora Jesolo apartments for rent, of different types and prices. This rich range of choices allows our customers to choose the structure that comes closest to their needs. Furthermore, each apartment has different services: from the private swimming pool to the reserved beach place.
Naturally, the main feature of these Piazza Aurora Jesolo apartments for rent is their proximity to the sea.

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