Apartments for rent in Piazza marina

Piazza Marina is located in the central area of ​​Jesolo, directly in via Bafile, the most famous street in Jesolo populated by shops of all types. The area is perfectly served by the main services such as restaurants and bars for eating and drinking.
The evening is the period of the day when the area comes to life with lots of people, clubs and music, therefore suitable for those who love to have fun.
The area hosts a small green area with flowers and small sculptures, perfect for taking beautiful souvenir photos of Jesolo.
From the Piazza Marina Jesolo apartments for rent you can easily access the beach: in fact, many structures are located only a few steps away from it.
Some properties have services already included: such as air conditioning, dishwasher, washing machine, private swimming pool and reserved beach place.
The Piazza Marina Jesolo apartments for rent are suitable for any type of guest, from families to couples and groups.
Entrust your stay in Jesolo to Adriatica immobiliare.

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